Is there anyway to check toe if you do not have a accutoe or anything? Took a good hit to the front end tonight and rf seems to be toed out just a bit.

Thanks for any help !


Dawg 89
Tape measure , dowel rod and tape measure .
Either measure at the wheel or mark the tires by spinning , silver marker near center tire . Use a small block to steady marker .
Most seem to suggest a 4ft level placed against the rear tires. I have gone to that method and feel like my toe and scaling has gotten more consistent. I'm too cheap to buy a accutoe or steering lock to put on this old banshee.


If you have a way to make your own toe plates, back in the day I had two pieces of angle 12" long, notched and drilled them so I could bolt them on the hubs. Measure at the front and back to see your toe.