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I have not raced since 2008. Back then I ran flatheads and animals. Well now I have a clone motor. I still have all of my stuff from back in the day one thing I have is a tomar stellar 2 disc clutch. I put the tomar on a predator motor to set it up. I've got it setup to engage at 3600 to 3800 the way I do it is set springs at same height put it on the kart then check it an adjust accordingly I have all the weights on the outside holes.
The problem: It chatters on engagement its fresh ish. I have new discs if needed but I seem to remember it's just what this thing does. Does anyone know. Red springs. It's not blued and discs look maybe 2 races old. I dont want something I shouldn't use on the trailer. Thanks in advanced.

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The ones I have are a little noisy. The story I was told is the disks and plates are harder, which make the chatter sound. I think the design of the floater plate lends itself to being noisier.

As long as it is not chattering while racing, I have no problem with a little noise while leaving the grid.

Note, I have one which I put Cheetah discs in to see if there is less noise. Haven't run it yet.


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I ran it this past weekend chattered real bad pulling off the grid but didnt seem to during the start or restarts. I dont like it I'm going to put the new bully discs on it see if that changes anything.

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The discs wont stop the chattering, its the lever design. Some real good clutch guys would add the Rock Star clutch levers to the Tomar and the chattering was gone. If you can find some of those, problem solved.


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It may need original tomar discs .
My smc bullet did the same thing with bully disc's .
The smc web site stated the plates were harder and needed smc friction disc's .
This didn't get posted last night found it here today.
Earl knows better then me , this may have also been a problem on the Bullet clutch .