TON of Used PRC Parts


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I have a bunch of good, used Phantom parts taking up room in my shop. Stuff I’ve collected over the last several years. Nothing wrong with these parts at all. I replace my components all of the time. I guarantee none of these parts have ran more than 30 races. I will not sell bent or broken parts.

I am PRC’s sales manager, which is why I have so much.

Not going to list everything, but parts will be sold at half of new cost. For example, spindles will be $30, axle hubs $25, fuel tanks $25, etc.
Buyer pays shipping.

Let me know what you want and I’ll probably have it. The more you buy the better deal I’ll give you.

Private message me or text me 704-310-1320. Sometimes it’s hard for me to answer calls.



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Someone bought the whole lot. Thanks guys! I'll have more used parts as I race, so keep me in mind if you need anything!