tony kart

Even if you are small enough to fit that frame isn't stiff enough to run at adult weight. Those are made to run at around #250 race ready
Yes , if it is on a sprint track yes it is done a lot. If on dirt track left turn only you will have to set it up for that. Dialing it in is the hardest thing to do , it can be done. as for a rookie kart as long as you fit in and are comfortable.
Don't use the "rookie" kart.....there's plenty of cheap sprint frames out there <$500-700. I have one I'll sell you if you're local...
My advice is you can use whatever you fit in to have fun, though consider parts for any Tony are specially expensive. I would recommend you to find a chassis more appropiriate for the class like any of the US made sprint 4 cycle frames. By the time you have to buy several spare parts you will have spent more than the cost of a good uesd Coyote, MGM, Margay, Razor, etc. JMO