Top 5 motor builders?

Ty guys. I do understand aboutthe other parts ofthe puzzle. Just trying to see what folks are buying. Bought some new millers andmoons this year. Trying to see who you guys had good luck with. Moons and Millers have done well for us, just trying to see what else was out there.

So where's the "we have racing a bunch and are ready to step it" forum ? Lol.
If they have done well for you then stick with them. Maybe just me, but I feel if you have a relationship with a builder he may give some extra detail to your engines, especially if your buying more than one.


Find out who builds engines for Tommy Avery and FlowDaddy racing, they're not too far from PEC and ARC, they do flatheads clones animals ga. stock appearing 14.5 opens and jr. dragster motors.
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I been paying around with the Ga. stock appearing class, rules are pretty simple, any clone predator honda or Tillotson block 70mm to plus .010, any cast crank up 56mm no machining or polishing, billet side cover allowed, any jt series head valves are 27 & 25mm springs rockers are open porting and chamber size is open, any cam & lifers, any rod, piston must be factory stock big pin flat top or dished and retain factory numbers or arrow markings on top no machining, any billet flywheel, any small clone type carb with any mod as long as no epoxy is visible inside or outside (tillotson pk 875 gas, we make work on VP M5 is the dominate carb atm), any pipe with open mod muffler. Got a HF hemi block and crank with 14cc clone head with all my magic spread into it making 19.6 hp pulls good up around 9300, lol i need a driver to go win atm.


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Hi Tech. By the way even if tires and set up are very important if not the most important good luck showing at a top level race with good tires/setup and an engine built by an amateur local builder instead of a top national builder.