Top Plate

I’m running in a predator class where a top plate is optional. Some have them, some don’t. Are there any advantages, other than the size of the fuel tank, to running a top plate with fuel pump vs the stock tank?


Lower center of gravity . But it's more a preference than anything , plus most floor mounted tanks vents better , It can also be a safety factor with an over turned kart . It could leak fuel out of the cap , and with the tank over top of the engine , it could cause a fire when flipped back over . Plus if the cap comes off during a race , floor mounted tank will not splash fuel all over your upper body and head , like an engine mounted tank possibly could . JM2CW
^ All good points.
With most Predator racers drilling the vent hole larger in the stock fuel cap, I wonder how long it'll be until something very bad happens.
I am not a fan of running the stock tanks at all, especially when mounted high (ie gravity feed.) If you must run a Predator, a top plate certainly seems like a wise decision.
Roll-over check valves are cheap and simple to install. I'm really kind of surprised they are not mandatory in all classes of karting.

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I'd prefer the top plate if it is allowed, wont have the problems of engine cutting out because of cap problems , and I would feel better not having my gas tank sitting above an ignition source . It was a no brainer choice for me when they allowed the top plate in the early clown , I mean clone days !!
With a top plate / external fuel tank you can use all of the fuel in your tank.
If your engine is on an angled motor mount, the stock tank's fuel outlet gets pointed up - it can get uncovered long before the tank empties. Then the motor cuts in and out. Always make sure that your stock tank is completely full before heading onto the track - especially for longer races.