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How harsh is insanity purple I know it a more aggressive prep and I know the saying once a goat tire always one but do they bounce back okay from it
The time it takes to bounce back depends on when you apply it. You'll need more time for it to come out if you wiped it on and let it soak into the tire vs applying it at the grid just before you hit the track. You also need to consider how many laps you put on the tire.
On the question about a tire wiped with goat and bouncing back in hardness.... They will check harder after time and normally after sitting outside for 2-4 weeks turning colors. However, the hardness they check won't be the reality of what they will be on the track as soon as some heat gets in them after wiping goat. They will be soft again very quickly once they hit the track again. And will never be able to be utilized as anything but a goat/soft tire again no matter what you try to do to them to get the prep back out. The changes to the tire are made once wiped and you can't undo it.
As to the original question...
Good advice from those that have learned to keep it simple for prep and learn how to use the prep line you're on vs jumping from one to the other and never learning. After learning prepping isn't so difficult (takes time), you won't have so many different chemicals. But, you will learn how to mix the chemicals you do have specific to the current track situation. For example, here's what I always had in the trailer to mix/use as needed (and I mixed them many different ways and amounts to match the track):

Southern Comfort Pink (Inside)
Southern Comfort Purple (Weekly/Base)
Southern Comfort Bite in a Can (Primary PRW chemical)
Track Tac Blue Tire Wash
FTS Black Bite
Goat (Pure - not cut)
Velocity Tire Potion Mean Green (My choice for green prep)

NOTE: Southern Comfort Bite in a Can is akin to Track Tac Black Sand. Bite in a Can is mixed with Acrysol and/or a base like Black Sand but is stronger and doesn't require nearly as many wipes as Black Sand to create the bite needed.

Hope this helps anyone new to the prep game as to types and number of preps needed for most situations. The preps I listed were used on Maxxis and Burris (and any other tire I ran occasionally). Over many years of racing I did on rare occasions have a need to add Creosote, Methanol, and WD-40 to the list of chemicals/preps needed.
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I've been told Roll Speed is 60% goat and Murray Purple is 80%. was told most preps are goat, oils and dryers. in different strengths. but couldn't tell you positively. I know most tires smell the same the next day after the cherry/Grape/mint scent has faded away. IMO
Patrick will tell you his red has Goat in it, how much is the question. I know Andy's purple is said to have it as well. But, I'd be VERY surprised if it's near that high of concentration in either.
Keep in mind there is no magic outside prep that will change the age of your tires or when you rolled them. That's a whole other very very important factor.