Top speed


I would like to know what speeds you guys reach with your karts? Please mention your engine size. Just curious. Thanks
Fastest I've ever been on a kart was about 65 mph on a high bite 1/4 track. A comment on speeds: unless you've got a gps or speed sensor it's hard to know how fast you're going. Track sizes tend to be inaccurate (and always advertised as longer than they actually are in the groove).

So many combinations of karts and engines and tracks.
On a regular paved race track, (like the Daytona road course) in a sit up sprint kart, no body work and a KT100 pipe engine, a top speed of about 83 MPH is common.
If you put a body on the kart, built for that type of racing, quite a bit faster.
In a laydown kart with the same engine and pipe, about 103 MPH or so.
115 at gateway last year. 125cc shifter, CIK bodywork, think of it as being a brick LOL. That was in a draft, more like 110-111 without.

Top speed isnt hard to work out at all, especially if you have a single gear kart and know the data you need, and your wheels aren't spinning!

When compared to GPS data tire growth has been shown to have no real bearing on the track, 1MPH at most. At least with 125s, with 250's getting nearer to 140MPH that might be different.
On our 1/2 mile, 800' straight sprint track a good running box stock clone on a weenie pipe will do 56-57 mph according to my MyChron gps and race studio software. In a draft of two or more karts you may see 58-59. My stock appearing clone does 65 mph. My PTK KZ 125 shifter does 80 mph.
1/5 mile dirt, my 13 yr old and his class run about 65-> down the chutes, they don't lift in the corners much, scrubbing 1500-ish rpm drop in the corners is a pretty good run (mph calculated from rpm, gear ratio, and tire roll out .. math based on lap speed (11.2x is a real nice lap) and track size backs it up) ...

honda cr125 winged kart
7 or 8 years ago Carl Anderson had a radar gun at Lasoski speedway in Mo(high banked 1/6-1/5) The gun showed us running 52 in superhvy entering turn 1. Karts and tires are better now. I remember we were on a Nemesis so it has been a while ago.
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