Torque converter rating for 16HP engine


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Hey Everyone. I'm in the process of picking parts for my first Go Kart, and I needed some guidance. I was going to be making a 16HP, 420cc offroad kart and I was wondering if I needed a 40 series torque converter, or if an Aluminum 30 series would be adequate? The 40 series are obviously much stronger due to being constructed out of steel, but is it necessary for a 16 Horsepower engine?



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Welcome to Bobs. This is primarily a go kart racing site and most of us don't know about torque converter specifics or in general all that much about other types of uses. We run clutches and concern ourselves with stall speeds. Wish I could help. Facebook has a lot of Predator groups that seemed aimed and minibikes and off roaders like yours. Good luck!