Torque Specificatiions


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Can anyone tell me the torque specifications for an animal motor? Rod, Head, Side cover and anything else I need to know? Thanks
Flywheel 70 ft lbs
Head 200 in lbs
Side Cover 120 in lbs
ARC rod 175 in lbs
Valve Cover 60 in lbs
Rocker Arm set screw 70 in lbs
Flywheel fan 160 in lbs

I may have missed something but these are the specs a gentleman have me and I've never had any issues!
Here are the specs directly from the Briggs engine manual.
There is lots of cool stuff on their web site. You might want to check it out.
Description Wrench/socket size torque
air guard 7mm 40-50 lb-in. (4.5-5.6 nm)
Blower housing 10mm & 3/8" 60-110 lb-in. (7-12.5 nm)
carburetor (to manifold) 10mm 80-110 lb-in. (9-12.4 nm)
connecting rod t27 140-150 lb-in. (16-17 nm)
cylinder head Bolts 10mm 200-220 lb-in. (20-27 nm)
exhaust Brace screws 10mm 95-125 lb-in. (11-14 nm)
exhaust stud 10mm 95-125 lb-in. (11-14 nm)
flywheel nut 15/16 55-75 ft-lbs. (74.5-101 nm)
flywheel fan 10mm 180-240 lb-in. (20-27 nm)
intake (to cylinder) 5mm allen 70-90 lb-in. (8-10.2 nm)
oil drain plug 3/8" 100-125 lb-in. (11-14 nm)
pvl module 7mm 20-35 lb-in. (2.3-4 nm)
rocker arm stud 7/16" 90-120 lb-in. (10-14 nm)
rocker arm plate 10mm 70-90 lb-in. (7.9-10.1 nm)
rocker arm set screw 1/8" allen 50-70 lb-in. (5.6-7.9 nm)
spark plug 5/8" deep 95-145 lb-in. (11-16.4 nm)
side cover 10mm 95-125 lb-in. (11-14 nm)
starter gear #2 phillips 35-53 lb-in. (4-6 nm)
top control plate 10mm 70-90 lb-in. (8-10 nm)
valve cover 10mm lower & 3/8" 30-60 lb-in. (3.5-7 nm)
Actually i use 160 inch lbs on the side cover bolts except the on in the middle front where i use 14 inch lbs.