Total length

Can any one tell me what is the total length of the kart from front to back can be i need to extent my crg kart i'm 6'5" and just a little cramped need to drop my knees any help thanks
You extend the kart it will be illegal, karts aren't about comfort to an extent, it's about getting the %'s correct
Karts have a minimum and maximum overall length from front bumper to rear bumper. Many and including my sons kart have the foot box area extended to accomodate his tall 6'4" frame. As long as you stay within the rules requirements have at it. Typically the oveall lenght is 74" from front bumper to rear bumper and the wheel base is 39-3/4" to 43". The more comfortable you can get a driver the better off he will be. Getting them comfortable is the trick.