Tough but funny Racing Memories with Your JR driver....

Thought this could be a fun topic. Last year at a Jasper Asphalt race, my 9 year old son was involved in a pretty good hit that sent the kart across the corner, my son drove up to the straight a bit and stopped and was just shaking terribly during the heat race. I jumped the fence and ran over to an extremely upset young man and the race was red flagged. While tending to him and very scared because a bad wreck from earlier that year was still fresh, and not knowing what to do. Wade Murphy the track owner comes up in the golf kart beside us with that cigar in his mouth and asks my son "can you move boy?" yes my son replies with tears just streaming down his face, Wade asks "you want to race boy ?" , now crying a bit less my son says in a weak little voice "yes". then Wade says "then get up there and race" and drives off in the golf kart.........he ended up 2nd or 3rd out of 7 or 8 karts and went on to lead the feature by a half a straight until a caution just a few laps from the end caused a restart and he made 1 mistake and lost the lead and just wasn't able to get it back with only 2 laps left but he did slingshot out on last lap in turn 4 and almost got the pass. Thanks Wade Murphy for that tough love and help form a little man that night. Wade saw the crash and knew my son was ok he was just shaken up a little is all.