Tow,camber, scales, stand, equipment


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Am looking at buying something to set toe and camber on my dirt kart. Don't want to buy twice. What brands do you guys recommend that are good quality and easy to use? Also need a set of scales and a stand for scales.
almost 200 views and 5 replies? Seriously. Thanks to the guys that replied. I also would like to supports vendors on this site. Jesus freak, do your stands have pads to roll the kart back to make adjustments? Would like to see pics.
I have an Accutoe pro with the added piece that slides into the rear axle. Excellent condition. It is made by phantom.
250.00 shipped to your door.
We have all longacher. Call around with the list of stuff you want and see who has the best deal on everything. Dixie karting was vsry good to us ons year at kartfest in hickory.
yeah I am cheap, I use digital level, tape measure and bathroom scales. Craftsman on all except the scales cheap wall mart ones.