Trac tac AT-2 question!

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No one with out experience racing where you do not knowing normal track conditions for this time of the year can answer your question with any confidence what so ever, it's all trial an error based on how much added bite you need to match conditions. In general this time of year is less than spring and fall.
Coody,twister and 3d raceway. Hoosiers are d30a and yellow vegas.
I would think that AT2 is not aggressive enough of a bite prep for the D30A, depending on how they're cut too. NO internal for the D30A, just wipe layers of bite on the outside.

For Yellows, you will want some internal -- Yellows go good for 3-4 laps without much external wiping at all, but they really shine with the right internal. If you'd like, roll your AT2 internal on the Vegas, but even then I don't think it'll be aggressive enough.

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Clone light and medium when we go there.I mostly run my vegas there.
What class do you run at twister with hoosiers and yellow vegas?
i thought everyone was on maxxis at that place? Info i got from my local buddy thats been was that anyway, prepped a couple sets end of last year for the big race and ended up not going. At coody i would watch for the dew falling. We had good luck in the kids class with yellow vegas in the mid 40's, thats about the same as we had at 3d. I think last time we went to coody we could of been too soft think i had got them down in the mid 30's
I have just ran there 1 time but it is my local track so I am gonna race there the rest of the is my first year, I run maxxis and I hadnt seen vegas and hoosiers there veyr often. I think I saw you guys last time I was at twister. DId you have lead and a few seats for sale and a clutch for sale 2 races ago?
I am gonna run maxxis the rest of the year cuz I havea used pair and 1 brand new pair and I have a pair I am gonna use for hot laps.


I've always used the AT-2 as a base for mixing an internal for rolling maxxis. I have wiped it on the outside by itself but felt like I was gonna wipe my arm off to accomplish much. Just my experience.