Track Lane Width

RP Bandit

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Building an 1/8th to 1/10th mile track. What is the average lane width of the tracks you run on? Are there any rules on a minimum track width? I would like some opinions on both dirt and asphalt oval track widths.

Thanks in advance, I love this site!!
30 ft wide min 40 would be better, however from middle of turns off to your into tangent of straights make it an additional 15 ft for run off, 98% of problems are coming off the turns.

Good Luck !!
When University Plains Speedway was built, I believe the track width was 30ft, then it has a 10ft wide tabletop on top of it with 40'+ run off room. Funny thing is, we could run the track in to have 4-5 lanes easy with plenty of track to spare, and yet the racing groove was really never more than 10 - 12ft wide. With the local clay we put down, we could have just made a 15' wide track with 10' tabletop and 55'+ run off, and the results would have been the same, other than there would have been only half the track to prep. :)
Sounds like just build it the way you want many tracks are oval not to say that both ends are the same flat or banked are pr. The real issues in planning for a track we will all be raceing the track when we get ther lol!