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Not sure if I am fixin' to open the flood gates here, but... What rules packages are most commonly found at track in your area? I prescribe to a rule set as the president of the club I operate. However I am developing mixed emotions about said organization.


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You have your standard sanctioned rules packages .
You have your custom rules packages .
And you have the ones that apply to everyone except this or that person .
Of course you have rule interpretation as well.
Stupid rules
No rules
Rules on the fly
Why isn't there a rule
On and on and on.
Hang in there , your doing all you can.

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Most use WKA in general and for chassis, Flathead motors, Animal motors, then depending on area AKRA or NKA for clone motor with some using both racer declares which at tech. Plus most all tracks have certain in house rules that they apply which vary from all.


I am not a fan of made up rules. I prefer to utilize a rule set that is nationally recognized, and some one could find a track anywhere running that same or at least similar rule set. I am having communication issues with my current provider, so I was hoping to find out what providers other tracks and promoters are using.


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Racing Promoter gave the current state of rules in today's world.
WKA/IKF were the national level rule package for years .
That ship has sailed .
Currently WKA , IKF , AKRA and NKA .


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although i am not involved .. the Georgia Unlimited All Stars rules look great.
i agree with the inherent difficulties working with "said organizations" :) our track runs simple rules.. weight classes, Stock appearing mixed motors with muffler, any tire, and safety rules. go racing.
we don't have any little kids as of yet, but we have already talked about gear rules and tiny plates for them. all on stock predators, governed and we set the RPMs prior to each race. Good luck


Hard to beat using AKRA if your plan is to mostly have clones. They are pretty well defined and have a great support group IMO. Sure there are some grey areas still but that is and always will be an issue with racing.