Track size/ clutch driver chart

This could get interesting and maybe fun. Anyone have a suggestive chart for track size and suggested clutch drivers for that track. And perhaps an easy as possible way to determine track size. Here we go.

alvin l nunley

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One normal step is about 3 feet. You could practice with a tape measure. Walk across the infield at the track in question, multiplied by 3, that gives you the diameter of the turns, assuming both turns are about the same. Walk down the straightaway, count the steps, multiplied by 3, double it. Pi times the diameter +2 times the straightaway = track length.

With the diameters you can make reasonably close estimation as of the proper rear stagger.

Gear ratio; my plan would have the gear ratio such as to reach peak RPM just before the end of the straight. The only practice can determine that.
No chart .
Track size------- walk up to the staging area .
Wow that's big = Add two driver sizes .
Dang it's small = remove two teeth from the driver .
100 Thousand comedians outta work ---- I know :rolleyes:
Honestly, I've karted enough now that once I see a track, I'm pretty confident in the driver gear needed for that track. I also go by the old unwritten sprocket rule of keeping the driver choice within the #59 to #64 tooth sprocket range. Part of my question is how do you accurately determine if a track is accurately 1/10, 1/5, whatever? Just a guy always wanting to know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,