track tac guys


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Track tac would Saa grape an btgp red mixed 50/50 do on inside of pinks an to any other suggestions that's just what I have on hand....would this combo build bite
On a cold and or wet track it will be hard I beat. Drops duro a lot per oz, but it might not be my first choice unless you need them in the 30- to very low 40 range.
Thanks Earl ...I wasn't lucky enough to win a jug of your stuff at Foothills Saturday ....was pretty cool thing you did giving some away
Red and Grape is a good internal prep for your lower bite conditions. Ive never tried it on higher bite tracks but I know people who do with good results. Like Earl said it is used a lot on the inside mixed with different things. You would be surprised at the names that use Red on the inside.
SQS, Grape/Red, Lambert Red internally, Outside SQS, Grape, Topaz, Krug, Goat, Black Sand, Strong Mixer or some mix of them.
Just prep for the outside, the track has red clay, smooth, and fast during the daylight hours, just wondering what to do once the sun goes down and it gets cold outside.
Depending on how much moisture is in the track I would say Black Sand during the day and GK1 Blue at night.