TRACK TAC® does Track Teatments also


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Just so everyone knows, We Do Track Treatments Also.
TerraShield® is the brand name and we have three different treatments we make.
If you race in the southeast you have probably run on a track done with one or more of our products.

These are some of the tracks;
Daytona Flat Track 2018 for the Christmas to New Years race.
Mackie Flood has already started on the Daytona Flat Track for the race at the end of this month.
Thanksgiving Thunder 2019 -> Our chemicals were used on the track and a different chemical from us was used on the dirt in the grid area.
Maxxis Nationals for the last 6 years if Mackie Flood prepared the track.
The list is long and we feel we have given racers better tracks.
Lowes Motor Speedway dirt track in 2019 in the WKA race.
There are well over 75 different tracks we have had a hand in and we feel we make the tracks better.
Mackie Flood is the contact for the track treatments. Of course Chris or I are willing to help with information.

Hope this helps,