Trailer Axle Swap


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I am looking at getting a single axle enclosed trailer. The guy says the axle is bent to where the tires don't wear properly. Hes got it priced way low, and Im a pretty handy guy. Does anybody know of how big a project swapping out the axle could be? Are we talking an hour or two, and afternoon, a whole day, several days? Any help would be appreciated as Im trying to determine if its worth the effort to save a bit of cash.

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Should be a pretty simple project, if a leaf spring type axle. Even easier if it does not have brakes.

4 ubolts to remove and replace. I would have new bolts, because they usually rust bad.
Swap hubs, pack bearings, new wheel seals.
An afternoon project, so keep 2 days open. LOL

Guys who have the same luck I have will understand.

Straightening the axle could also be an option.

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Crude method.

Suitable strength beam or box tubing. Chain ends to outside ends of axle (by spring mounts). Hydraulic jack in center to bend in direction necessary.

Axles are generally built with preload bend so wheels will be straight when loaded.

Need to be really careful/ mindful of things slipping.
I have bent axles back by jacking under center of axle on loaded trailer. YMMV

Less crude. remove axle and take to a press to bend preload back in it.

Measure from wheel mount face, or wheel rim, all the way around to determine straightness.


Most single axle trailer I’ve seen around me, the axle are bent. I think mostly from over loading. Most think that a 3500lb axle trailer will hold 3500lbs. Thus bent axle. Trailer + load = 3500lbs. I like looking at trailers driving down the road. Tires rubbing the top inside trailer (bent axle) no grease Caps. Thinking, how far they’ll get. Tire & hub fell off from burnt bearings.