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I have a 7 x 16 enclosed trailer with cabinets in the front. And my tool box. Tire holder spare engine holders. The guy I bought it from had a kart stacker so u can stack 2 karts. The problem is most the time its just me and had to lift a kart onto a stand 2.5 to 3 ft tall. My question is does anybody have a similar setup or an idea of how I could modify this or make a total new set. I thought about a rolling kart about 3 to 4 inches of ground. That I could roll out of the trailer load my sons kart. Roll it up trailer and use an electric winch and pulleys to lift it up. The part thats stopping me is I would have to lower it down onto to stands or something. Thought about using square tubing and having the legs fold up. Shove bolt thru to hold legs up while rolling. Pull the bolt out so legs would drop. And put another bolt in to lock legs in place. What do u guys think


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sounds like our set up
When taking 2 karts If one can't go in bed of the truck We have been standing one on rear bumper and strapping it in.
a roll on ramp for kart 1 on hinges then raise up lock in place then roll kart 2 in underneath. Double decker style.
Tried the winch thing roof rafters where the weak link . they where near failing before I had kart off stand. could work would need to beef rafters up.
I've seen some low stands like you mentioned still gonna need help.
I already have a built in kart stacker in trailer.the problem is loading the kart by myself. Cuz my 4 year old can't. Lift the kart. If I can't get it on the kart stacker. I can't get it in the back of the truck. Can't stand them on rear bumper either. We run clones. And they leak oil to the plug.I can beef up rafters. Not an issue there. And the stand I was talking about building would only be 3 to 4 inches tall. Just something that will roll in and out of trailer nice. And with it being short I could lift kart onto it. And have hooks on sides so the winch could hook onto it and lift it


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if you can a kart rack that is wider than a single kart....on each corner, make a leg taller than the kart that is bolted to the floor and the rack and swivels....the rack can only be lifted from the trailer end toward the front where your locking bolts (the ones that you said) would be located to lock the rack in the upright position. use a winch to pull it up or lower it.....then you don't have to lift the karts or get a hernia! once you have the top kart in place and you raise the rack upright and lock it, you roll the second kart underneath. when the rack is down, you can walk all over it or remove it if you only going to load one kart.......

you can even make wooden ramps to roll the kart up onto the rack...and your little racerman can help with the loading! and if he was like my son at that age, anything that he can do with daddy is a plus!!!

just sayin!!!


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you could drain the oil.
3- 4 inch rolling kart why not just roll in on tires?
ramp /double decker as suggested may be best.
can be as simple or as complicated as you want.
this is my setup.
i have a single kart rolling stand. i made a channel using 2x4's on each side of the wall where i could place a removable 2x4 that was as wide as my trailer to set the kart up on. and i did this in 2 places so the front and back of the kart is supported. i put the channel just high enough so when the kart is up on the 2x4's my stand will just sneak underneath. to get it down, i slide the stand under and between the 2x4's and lift one side and slide the 2x4 out of the chanel and place the kart on one side of the stand then go around to the other side and push or pull to get past the other 2x4 and boom! your all set. you can get them in and out of the trailer with minimal effort all by yourself!.

when i did mine, i did this in the front and back of the trailer so i could have 2 karts up in the air so i didnt have to lift heavy karts off the ground in the trailer. also if you want to have another pal come along, there is room for 2 or 3 karts on the floor. to strap the ones on the 2x4's down, i used the hooks you can screw into the floor and can be folded down so you dont trip over them. the 2x4's you use to set the kart on can be stowed on the floor while at the track or make use for them in the way of an extra table top or somthing like that. i originally did this to get as many karts in my trailer as possible. but 9 times out of 10 i go to the track alone and getting set up to race by myself is a must. the only time i need a hand is to get the kart off the stand on the grid.


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that's why i was thinking that something he could roll the kart onto and then lift would be better....only becuase it gets away from lifting the kart from the ground to a will take a little drawin, plannin, weldin, screamin, hollerin and swearin, but i think it can be done and give him the ability to do it alone. i've always hated going to the track and interupting another driver or crew to help.....

just my thoughts!
Thats what I'm needing is something for just me. At track no problem. Problem is at home working on them thru the week.


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ok that's a little different.
Any way, today opened trailer up had to move the 3 by 6 plastic table out the way. bam light goes off . why not fix as stated. pipe or 2/4 across trailer. table attached to it, slide kart up table/ ramp raise the end at door install another brace. roll the next kart in underneath. this may work for me as well.
For at home you could use a portable engine hoist which has many uses.
Ya i just want to figure something out that I dont have to ask people at the track if I dont have to. I know guys would come help. And they say its not a big deal. But I still feel bad


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I have what you need. It is a foldable stand that mounts in the trailer and folds down to floor level to load your kart. It then raises to allow a second kart to be loaded underneith. I was alone at home and needed something to get the karts out byself. As I am selling my trailer, the stand is also for sale PM me and I can send pictures. Thanks Ron
I use a rolling stand and when I'm by myself I push the kart onto the trailer then put jack stands under the ramp so I can wheel the stand up to the ramp and drag the kart onto it fairly easy. Cheap, easy, effective.


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I just leave mine on the rolling kart stand that use at the track. Bungee cord the kart to the stand and ratchet strap the stand to trailer floor. Have traveled all over and never has it moved.