Trailer Setup


This thread is a tremendous resource! We are getting into the sport and were initially considering a 6x10 flatbed utility trailer. We wanted to put a tire rack on it and do an old-school open-hauler style. The more we look at the gear we'll be hauling, the more we are leaning toward a 6x12 box hauler with a ramp.


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It is a squeeze in a 14 footer. I have a 16 footer with 18 inches of countertop space across the front. I could put one kart on a stand in the front and two karts on a stacker behind it and the door would barely close. I am old lol and it was really hard to push the stacker into the trailer, plus carry a spare kart stand for one of the stacked karts.


while looking for a trailer if you don't have a large pickup , look at a 7x20 , you have already broke the wind pulling it , 4' extra you wont feel


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I use to carry 2 karts in an a small Chevy Astro van.
The nose went up on a shelf in the front of the van and I hooked a rope via pully on on a rear roof cross bar to each side of the rear bumper.
Then easily pull down on the rear ropes to lift the back of the first kart up.
As long as you lift the back higher then the front/nose on the shelf, the top one will stay in place without tie down.
The second one rolled under it on the floor.
It was easy to put them in and out.