Transporting on kart stand vs floor of trailer


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just a quick poll and opinions on which one you prefer. DO you transport your kart on a stand or on the floor and stand separately. I know, most people with just the folding stands do not, but what about the box style stands or electric stands?
Mine stay on the rolling stand. Works out great for me. I strap the kart to the stand with 2 straps then use 2 to strap stand to floor.
I transport with kart on stand , strap the stand to the floor with ratchet straps and I use Velcro straps at 3 points to strap the kart to the stand
We keep ours on the stand. Do four straps down from the nerf bars. I have rear barn doors on my trailer but have ramps to push stand up in. Makes easier at home bc the kart is already in air
Floor. Have got to the track and opened trailer and it looked like a wreck at Daytona. Our fault most of the time, not strapped properly but never the less a mess.
That's my only concern, we transport on our stand, but once arrived and blew a tire on kart stand and it was moving around some, then another time, one of the nuts came off the hinge bar on our electric stand, thankfully bolt stayed but could have been a mess.
What if my kart sits in the bed of the I feel inadequate

Speaking from personal experience, because we run out of the bed of a SHORT BOX pickup, which is no easy feat...

I would much rather know that my race budget (I know, I know.. it's a laughable phrase) has some wiggle room if we get torn up or blow up and need to shell out quick cash to get back to racing, than to be strapped to buy anything because I spent money on a trailer when what I have works.

Hint: Make, beg or borrow one of those baskets that mounts in the receiver hitch. Great for big bulky things like generators, coolers, folding stand, etc.
Just make sure you strap it down where the chassis touches the stand. We have had friends strap their karts down way too tight and on the wrong spot, and all of the sudden their kart handles like garbage. We put it on the scales its its wayyy out of whack. We are lucky enough to have a big trailer so we have a full kart width stacker stand that lets the kart keep the tires on, and sits on the stand. We can run straps over the tires to the stand so its not pulling on the frame. So if you had to be really picky, I'd say floor. But as long as you are careful with where you run the straps you should be able to use the stand okay.
We haul them on the stands almost always unless for some crazy reason we can't for a day. Have y'all every pulled into a bumpy long race track drive or a bumpy road getting to the track and recheck your caster/camber and see one or the other change a bit from the bumps while strapped to the floor? I have more than just a few times and started hauling them on stands years ago. If we have one sitting on the floor it never actually does "sit" on the floor. This does not mean it will happen every time but I have saw it happen a few times over the years like I said. I know our stuff was tight as well as others. Again it might not happen all the time but something to keep in mind.