tread question

A buddy ordered some burris treads. Ordered a 12x8 and 11.5x8.5. Both are rolling around 37.25 without any shrinking/stretching. 12 is on a 8.25 and 11.5 is on 8.5. Could i put him one on a 10in to get some stagger and run it on the lr? If so which one would you suggest?
I wouldn't.

I'd use heat and cold to size the tires to what you want, always using the wider tire on the right sides.

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You think i can get to 1.25 or more by stretching/shrinking? Ive never messed with burris stuff, i used a tire band to try to keep them from stretching. Also i read somewhere the other day to try to always use 2in wider wheel than the tire. If that was the case i should be around 10 on both of these but that still doesnt help my stagger issue. Flat kart thats about what it comes out to but that might be different we are using an 8 on the right with 10in wheels 6 on lr with 8.25 or bigger wheel.


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Thats going to be tough .
Personally I never had much luck stretching or shrinking treads .
After roasting one I gave up . Ran the 2 " plus a 11/5.50/6 ,12/9/6 gave me .