Tri County Kartway Calm Before The Storm 02/23/2019


Tri County Kartway Calm before the Storm Money race 02/23/2019
All Entry Fees include $5 Transponder Fee.
Each racer must pay $1 EMT Fee per class.

*NKA and WKA 2019 Engine Rules will apply

*All Jr Clone Motors will be small pipe

Borderline age racers may move up and run more than one division.
Must run the warm up class to enter Pro Class

Gate Fees $20.00
Gate Open 8:00
Practice 10:00

All Pro Clone 390
$3000.00 to win Guaranted -$105.00entry fee

Limited Modified
$1000.00 to win Guaranted - $75.00entry fee

Pro Stock Super Heavy
$ 2000.00 to win Guaranted- $85.00 entry fee

Sr champ Animal 425
$500.00 to win Guranted - $65.00 entry fee

Stock clone 350 $ 250.00 to win 10 - $55.00 entry fee
Stock heav clone 375 Warm up $ 500.00 to win Graranted - $65.00 entry fee
Stock Super heav clone 425 $250.00 to win 10 km - $ 50.00 entry fee
Stock super heav Clone 450
100% payback $35.00 entry fee
Predator 375 100% pay back -$25.00 entry fee
Predator 400 100% payback -$25.00 entry fee
JR 3A 320 $500.00 to win 10 km -$60.00 entry fee- Small pipe
JR 3B 320 100% pay back -$ 40.00 entry fee -Small pipe
JR 2A 290 $500.00 to win 10 km -$60.00 entry fee- Small pipe
JR 2B 290 100% pay back -$ 40.00 entry fee -Small pipe
JR 1A 265 $500.00 to win 10 km -$60.00 entry fee - Small pipe
JR 1B 265 100% pay back -$ 40.00 entry fee -Small pipe
Beg Red Plate 265 Trophy Class -$30.00 entry fee- Small pipe
No Pro 350 $250.00 to win 10 km - $50.00 entry fee
No Pro 375 $500.00 to win 10 km - $60.00 entry fee
Sr Champ Animal 425 $250.00 to win Guaranted -$ 50.00 entry fee
Teen Champ clone 370 $250.00 to win 10km -$50.00 entry fee - Blue plate clone big pipe
Kid Karts No entry fee trophy class
NKA engine rules

Thank you Scotty Hales 252-314-5038

If you No Pro you can run All Pro 390 !!!
You must run a stock clone class or No pro class or Super Heavy class to run All PRO 390

This race is separate from the Midstate and Sat night races . This is a stand alone race if weather will allow us to come together and have a great weekend of racing .

Sponsor parking is available for this race !


Dawg 89
I love how they don’t answer any questions. It’s like they don’t care

I don't see anything indicating if it's going to be heat races or qualifying.
No idea where it's at, must be in the south somewhere , too be racing in Febuary.


I’m sorry for not answering you. FH 375 / Animal 410 and there is just one limited race. My phone number is2523145038 if anyone has any questions please fill free to give me a call.


New member
If you had the amateur class more of the locals would come, the same crowd that ussaly runs amateur would probably come run, maybe like 100% payback or something


The Predator tire rule for Tri County and the Midstate Series will be pink and blue Maxxis.


Stock Med clone 350
Stock super heavy 450
Jr 1 A 265
Sr champ animal 410
Jr 3 A 320
Stock heavy clone 375
Jr 2 A 290
No Pro stock 350
Beg Red plate 265
Stock super heavy A 425
Teen champ 370 A
Predator 375
Limited Modified 375 FH/ Animal 410
Pro Jr 2 B 290
Sr champ Animal 425
No Pro stock 375
Pro Jr 1 B 265
Amateur clone 375
Pro stock super heavy 425
Predator 400
Pro Jr 3 B 320
All Pro Stock Clone 390
Kids karts


Well I just left the track to see how bad it was. We have water standing in a lot of the parking area and more rain coming for Friday and Saturday. So I’m calling the race for this weekend and moving it to March the 23rd which is the first Midstate Series date. We are going to move the first Midstate Series date to the first rain date that I have on the schedule. If you are still planning to come to this race and need you parking place let me no.
Thank you Scotty !