Trick chassis options-wanting opinions


So, I know this may open a can of worms-not trying to but need info.

20+ year experienced driver. The last kart I rode in 2016 before quitting racing for awhile was a Trick Redemption. Loved it. Either won or finished 2nd all 4 times it was raced.

Looking at getting back into racing at the Saturday night level and have a few options on the table for chassis so I'd like to know out of these which are more/less tire sensitive for someone with limited but decent tire knowledge yet whom will likely still miss it just a bit on a regular basis (which is more forgiving I guess but still fast):

How does the latest generation compare: my old Redemption vs...

Monster, Scorpion, Titlelist, and (probably out of my budget for now but including) LTO

Also would be interested in how any of these compare to a Phantom Triton if someone has the experience to weigh in as that's another option under consideration at the bottom of list presently.

Will likely be making a purchase in the next couple weeks, have 3 options on table similar in price, just wanting feedback from those who have rode at least two of these to compare. The majority of my racing will be in NC at probably Liberty or Tri-County/Kenly in Clone Super Heavy 400/425 with a 215lb driver with an occasional dip in Clone Heavy 375. Thanks!


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42 views and no ones rode both .
I think you'll find they ride one or the other .
we ran the triton at that weight successfully.


I’ve rode all of the ones listed at Liberty except the Scorpion. I’ve won on all of them also at Liberty. I’d say the Monster and Triton are the least tire sensitive. The Titlist and Lto have the most speed potential if you hit the tires. If your not really on top of your tire game I would recommend the monster, I miss mine at times.