Triton camber on indoor


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Flat 1/8 mile track on 2014 triton. What kind of camber on the rf? I've heard more than regular and I've heard less. Thanks
For me it tends to go with the amount of bite available. On the smallest, low bite tracks -2.25 is my starting point. However, tracks don't have to make much more bite or be much bigger for me to head towards -2.75 or more.

I tend not to change castor often once I've gotten something working. For a Triton I'd take whatever has been working on the kart (be it 7 and 10 or 10 and 13). If I'm on 10 and 13 and I find I need more turning power I might drop it to 7 and 10 but even then I'd probably only do that after I'd made several other adjustments.