Triton or Minecon

I would lean towards the triton i think. I have a minecon and my understanding is with the small tube its really geared more towards juniors and light classes.


Go with the Triton!!!
We have had both....won on both but, won dozens more and a lot easier to set-up with the Triton....and for those classes, not a Jr Triton either!


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I've ran and won with the MINecon in super heavy 425. There is no weight restriction for the MINecon. However, it will be at a disadvantage at higher biting tracks and will be tighter at heavier weights (in high bite situations).

The best of both worlds is our new Scythe chassis, as it uses 1-1/4" frame rails but flexes just as much as the MINecon. So, you will have both BITE and ROLL SPEED!