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What do you think about the triton????
What does it do that other karts don't
I've heard that they bend easy is this true????
If they bend easy i dont think you would see so many people on them, but thats just my opinion. Its the latest greatest kart from phantom, everybody thinks they need one when they first come out with new karts. Im sure you know how that goes
The Triton has proven to be very fast under pretty much all conditions while, at the same time, being about as user-friendly as a fast kart can be and being easier to drive than some others out today.

Agreed... don't think many people would be on them if they bend easy. I've been on a old phenom and loved it. I'm upgrading to a triton for 2014
If I could afford 1 it's the kart I would own. Knopf described it as it's like driving a kart 900s all the way around.