truck springs question


hey everyone. i got a question about truck springs. i own an 04 gmc 2500HD. it has been good to me so far. here is the situation. i have recently upgraded our four wheeler that we take to the track from a 220 to a 500. it is obviously heavier. it also sits in the front of our trailer as that is the only place to put it. since doing that the truck squats more than it has before. it was starting to squat a little bit over the years as well before the quad upgrade. im starting to think it could be time for a spring upgrade. can i put the springs in for a 3500 in my 2500HD? also what are people's thoughts on air bags? what are the advantages and disadvantages? i ask about the air bags as an excavator friend of mine used to buy 3/4 ton trucks all the time and throw the air bags in the rear as he said that they both had the same frame as a 1 ton.
measure the main leaf and end to center of both springs if they are the same you should be ok, if not you can add several leafs to your existing springs
those look good . the advantage of air springs is you don't lose the ride. you should be able to put in 1 ton springs no problem. adding leaf same thing rougher ride. air springs air shocks or the rubber springs are also going to be simplest to install. I don't use them but have a friend who does same thing buys 1/2 ton 4 x 4 installs air kit uses to tow trailer part time . he likes them.
Firestone has an air-ride system that adds to your current springs. That was the best solution we found -- you can also custom tune the ride to your liking. The old E350 Ford cube van we converted was set-up that way and it towed the 28 footer we pulled at the time with our sprint car just fine. Before that, I put a 3/4 ton rear end (complete) under my 1/2 ton Chevy pick-up and it worked fine, but rode like a pogo-stick. Take a good look at the Firestone air assist bags -- you will like them.

Brian Carlson
I added 5200 lb over load springs on my 2500. Truck rides great and when you load up more than factory rated they take on the extra weight keeping the truck level. Put em on and forget them no air to mess with, unless the airs are pre/fixed charged.