Turkey Shoot


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Thinking about taking the kids to their first turkey shoot next weekend. I haven't been to one since I was about their age. Any tips?
Take your best shotgun, and have fun. I used to win some with my old 20 gauge double-barrel, but haven't been in over 20 years. Word is around here that many guns are pretty cheated up, drawn down on the end.
Its all luck. I took a "special turkey shoot" gun to one last weekend. Spent $20.00 and didn't win anything. got beat out by a Winchester 1300 with MOD choke. Twice!! LOL!! Heck, there was a small kid there that could barely hold the gun (20 ga) up himself and put one dead nuts in the bulls eye. It was still fun though.
I agree. A good gun might put more pellets on the target but the pellets are going to fly where they fly. Its good fun though.