Twister ss help!!


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I got a 06 twister super storm from a guy can't find a setup sheet for it I'm kinda new at karting and I been told by some that it is a low cross chassis but also been told its a high cross just trying to get sum reference numbers to go by for cross front wieght and left side if y'all could plz help thanks
Twister set up info
Starting Setup Adjust to track as needed.

'07 Twister set up info

Left +1/2
Right -3

9L 11R
usually Right set one knotch back from center (pull wheel back)
Left stright up

Cross 59-63
Left 56-57
Rear 55

Toe out 1/8 inch without driver. If driver is under 100 lbs then try toe out at 1/4 inch without driver in the kart.

For low grip tracks lower the cross. Start at about 55 and go backwards from there. or decrease left percentage

Adding cross decreases grip!
Adding left weight decreases grip!

IF tight: Move track (39") to right 1/2 inch to free up

These chassis have excellent grip.
They can usually be driven deeper into the corner.
If pushing coming off the corner increase rear stagger.
(Smaller circumference left rear)

If your are tight then go to a harder tire or increase right side air pressures.