Twisting the Cam

I ran the 206 for a year back in 2014 on dirt. We had a decent kart count for the class roughly 6-10 every night. The 206 gave me a bad taste in my mouth because I had got one of the blocks that had the soft cam. One race night went to change the oil and my oil looked like metal flake paint coming out. Had the short block sent back to briggs and got a new short block. After that season I sold the 206 and went back to flatheads. The reason the predator class has taken off is the same reason the clone took off. A lot of racers want to go fast on a shoe salesman budget. Do I have a couple of predator engines in my shop on the shelf yes. The reason being is I don't want to be hung out to dry like I was when the tracks start taking away other classes to shorten their nights.