Tyrant pushing like a snow plow


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I can not get this kart to turn without slamming the brake on causing it to get loose. I have tried air pressure changes, rear track width adjustments, 60-61% cross, harder rear tires and also softer front tires, the softer fronts worked somewhat but only for about half the race till they faded away.
My setup numbers are.

58% cross
59% left
45% front
Stagger 1.5
Front and rear
Thanks in advance for the help,
More cross, less left. What camber do you have in the Lf and Rf? Keep in mind newer chassis like higher cross than older chassis. 62+ cross is more like it, and 57-58.5 left
I have no experience with circle racing. Still, I have software on my computer that can analyze setups. I see your setup to be a lot different from most.
For instance; you have a lot less weight on the front than most. You have a lot less right front than most. You have less on the left rear than most.
Even without experience, I always wonder what the radius of the turns are and how the stagger is matched to the turns. If I knew the radius of the turns my software could calculate a theoretical best rear stagger.
I have no experience with the Tyrant but I'd take the nose up to 46.5%, and higher cross as suggested above.

What's your camber settings?
Do not raise the nose unless Boomer tells you to. I believe your nose is at what Charger recommends.
Call Boomer at Charger, he can help, its probably just a tire issue.
One thing I know for sure; the builder can only give you a place to start, there is no way for him to know all the particulars for your track, unless he races there himself. I'll bet when you call him, he'll have suggestions on things to change, and I can only guess at what those changes will be, and if they work, that's great, but if they don't work, and I'm sure he'll tell you this himself, you'll have to try other things. That's where this website comes in handy.
Maybe somebody who races at the track you're talking about will chime in.
Something else; more information on the track would be helpful.
No one has asked a critical question...

Where does the push occur? entry, center, exit?


It makes the initial turn in fine but center off is where it all goes bad.
I believe 1/10 mile in door flat, hard dirt track. We run maxxis punching 48-50.
If the track is that flat and small, with low grip, I would be inclined to increase your LF camber and decrease RF camber

I would also drop the cross and drop the front stagger a little. Left may be a little high for an indoor track depending on weight class
Is this a big tube tyrant (1-3/8") or a small tube (1-1/4").. Also what are your castor settings..?

It is a small tube and I have never checked the caster so I have no idea what it is set at, it is where the kart shop I bought from set it per boomer.
Don't forget to check stupid stuff that's always looked over make sure nothens in a bind nerf bars front or rear bumpers slip joint make sure all is free and not binding up kart
we did alot of work on the front settings on the small tube tyrant and came up with these numbers for batesville.rt front cmaber 1 3/4 to 2.roll the caster back 1 line if it is set up with the mark on the caster block alianed with the long mark on the frame.set the left with 1/2 to 1/4 pos.and roll the caster block forward 1/2 of a mark.take the lead out of the right front if it hasn't been done already.run 46.5%front 68 to 66% cross and about the same left.Run a soft tire on the left rear with about the same amount of inside on both inside and outside.It will push some coming off but it should be controllable.With these karts a little push is fast.hope that helps.
I run a bullring regularly
I'm on my tyrant most always
I run 65 cross
57 left
45.5 nose
1.0lf camber
Rf castor block set back
One full line of split
Little more outside work on lf
Not a lot of split on air across rear , this helps the transfer these karts like the aggressive loading with that it hits left rear hard on exit
You will feel each tire hit when your in the window, you then will work lf to cure the heavy steering wheel
Hope this helps message me if needed