UAS AllStars Silver Anniversary Season Press release.

Taft Racing

December, 21, 2013
For Immediate Release
Unlimited All-Stars Silver Anniversary Season is About to Sparkle

It has become a holiday tradition for many kart racers to celebrate
the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day by doing what they have
a passion for, racing. UAS racers are included in that number and
will be converging at two high profile events on both coasts; The
Holiday Classic, hosted by the Arizona Karting Association in Phoenix,
and the Dirt World Championship at the WKA Daytona Kartweek.

The Holiday Classic, has become a longstanding tradition for kart
racers from the West Coast to the central part of the USA. It will
take place December 27 through the 30th. It is always one of the most
well attended events in the Western part of the country. A
participant from that event will be the early leader in UAS national
points. There will be two UAS ¼ point races held in conjunction with
the Holiday Classic. The first will take place on Sunday the 29th.
That will be one of the Arizona Unlimited All-Stars regions ¼ point
races. Each region may host two of those national point races per
year. The second ¼ point race, that is charged to the national office
as the Official National Kick-off event will take Monday the 30th and
is slated to pay the winner $500. It is expected to draw UAS racers
from as far away as Washington.

Joe Torres is the administrator of the Arizona Unlimited All-Stars and
adds; “This year will be our 19th year of the HOLLIDAY CLASSIC. It
will be the WEST COAST (UAS) KICK OFF. It is one of the longest
standing races in the country; we might have close to 300 enteries
this year…” Joe is also the chairman of the UAS Grand National
Committee and is heading up the organization of the 2014 UAS Muscle
Kart Grand Nationals that will take place at Dumplin Valley, in Kodak,
Tennessee on September 12, 13 & 14.

Meanwhile, UAS racers on the East Coast are headed for Daytona
KartWeek in the Sunshine State. Keith Shampine, theWKA Director of
Communications relates that; "Daytona KartWeek is such a diversified
event with dirt, enduro and sprint racing, 4-cycle and 2-cycle all
represented. Unlimited All-Stars and the Yamaha classes on the dirt
only add to that diversity to help make KartWeek a truly incredible
event for kart racers and enthusiasts. WKA has always enjoyed offering
2-cycle divisions at the Dirt World Championships, and with UAS coming
on board this year with great support from WC Equipment & Sales, this
year's event will certainly be the best representation of Unlimited
All-Stars and 2-cycle racing at Daytona Dirt in recent memory."

The WKA Daytona Dirt World Championships will take place December 27
to the 29th on the limestone track on the grounds of Daytona Motor
Speedway. In addition to the regular kart classes, as Keith cited
there will be a Yamaha 2-cycle class offered on Saturday December 28.
Seay Hi-Performance is putting up $100 to the winner of that race.
The UAS East Coast National Points Kick-Off event will be held Sunday,
December 29. WC Equipment & Sales of Pennsylvania stepped up to team
with WKA to offer a nice $2,500 purse for UAS. A generous $1,000 will
go to the winner and the class will pay back 10 spots. Yamaha KT100
will serve as the UAS undercard Saturday, December 28. Seay
Hi-Performance of South Carolina has posted $100 to the Yamaha pole

The UAS representative at the WKA Daytona Dirt World Championship is
Tim Taft. Tim is the new administrator of the Florida All-Stars, the
official UAS region in that state. Tim elaborates; “For me, Daytona
this year is huge, With WKA's invitation to their World Dirt
Championships the UAS as a whole has become a very important and
exciting series in the country. We've grown allot over the past 8
years. Starting my tenure as Florida's administrator for the UAS I
feel a great deal of responsibility to maintain Florida's reputation
for no nonsense professional well run series. Both Terry Hall (HotDog)
and Ed Schriefels (BullDog) have left some very big shoes to fill.
The Daytona event has been a great success for both the FAS and the
UAS for the past few years. I'm proud to help and be part of this
year’s event. I can't wait for the smells sounds and experiences of
the 2013/2014 kick off to the best year ever in open modified kart
racing. Get ready fans this is not just another kart class, this is

Brian Cherry is the owner of WC Equipment, the main sponsor of the UAS
class. He remarks; “WC Equipment & Sales is extremely excited to be a
part of the 2014 UAS Kick-Off show at Daytona. Our main goal is to
help grow the UAS as a whole in 2014. To be able to set-up and
contribute to the sport my family has been involved with for over 40
years is Awesome. We will also be looking at other races to jump on
board as a sponsor in 2014. We are looking forward to the 2014
Unlimited All-Stars show in Daytona which will be a great show for the
Drivers and fans. See you guys there can’t wait to have some fun and
meet some new people.”

As mentioned above, Seay Hi-Performance is a secondary sponsor of the
event. That support is made possible by Seay Hi-Performance’s
sponsor. Chris Seay, the owner explains; ”TRAVERS TOOL CO, is a
metalworking tool and industrial supply company.... The company
markets mostly to small and medium sized machine shops, fabrications
shops and any industrial manufacturing. Seay HiPerformance utilizes
several of the machine tools sold by TRAVERS as well as measuring
tools, cutting tools, abrasives, etc. Kart Shops and kart related
manufactures can benefit greatly from their vast array of products.
TRAVERS TOOL produces a large color catalog and mails out monthly
specials in the form of a mini catalog to their customers. They also
have an online store at with same day shipping on most
orders…Seay HiPerformance will have a TRAVERS TOOL representative in


You can talk to anybody in the world that has ever raced with 2 or 4 wheels and when you Say (I have Raced at Daytona International Speedway) It always has a Special ring to it !!!!
Great write up and info to remind everyone that karters do have 2 of the most class act events to race in USA the Holiday Classic and DIS!!!!
Thanks,Fast Eddie.

PD Power

New member
Fast Eddie,
Will we be seeing you at a kart track, in the 2014 season?? Sure hope so!
You add a lot of class, and competition in any race you involve
yourself in. .......PD