UAS at Daytona


What's happening with UAS at Daytona this year? Never too early to start getting ready.

Bill P


There running Bill, don't quote me but I believe 2500$ is up for grabs In uas class (Brian Cherrys company donation). The Thread got kinda buried since the new sections came to light. I'll try n dig it up.


Here's some.

I want to thank Mark Bergfelt, Chris Seay, Kieth Shampine and WKA and especially Brian Cherry and WC equipment and sales for their support and sponsorship of the Daytona UAS event for the beginning of the 2014 UAS National Championship. Brian has put up 2500.00 as the event sponsor. Chris Seay and Seay Performance has put up 100.00 pole award. The UAS race will Happen on Dec the 29th this is a Sunday. The Yamaha Class will happen on Sat the 28th. Again Thank you all I can't think of a better way to start a new season off than racing at it's fastest at Daytona International Speedway for the World Dirt Championship.

BTW the pay out will be spread over the top (10) 1000.00 to win. More sponsor and contingency money and awards will be announced.

Ted Hamilton

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Keith's a good guy....glad he's behind this and helping WKA bring this to pass. I'm putting out feelers to the spousal clearinghouse to see if I can spring free for the race...we'll see...


well the drive down isnt any better.. is is nice ti kniw the farther you get from home the warmer it will be...

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Daytona is a life experience. Sitting just outside turn one looking at the high bank. Racing in a event like the world dirt championship is some thing . the weather here is a added bonus.


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This will be my 1st time at Daytona should be a blast. UAS race Sunday and get to go run the Run the Road race on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!