UAS class in MAO?


Do you want one? Midwest Asphalt Oval Series is contemplating adding a UAS class 5 tracks 5 states? If so I will contact UAS and see if they would make them a points race. Asphalt will surely test the skills and power of the UAS kart drivers and motors.
Thinking 100% payback till we get 10 or more plus sponsors will more than likely jump on board 100% back to the purse. This will be a Championship class with a open tire with that being said you will not receive contingencies from Vega tire in 2014. As this is a support class it has potential to be big enough to become the main show.
Talked to Mark he was very helpful as I will do my best to make this class work and we will have a KT100 pipe class in conjunction with UAS so if guys have two karts and dont wanna race 4cycle animals or clones. There is a place for everyone in the series as this is a family oriented series. I'm not having a light medium heavy super heavy of all classes for a reason this is a championship series bring your best for the one two classes you are running and put it all on the line. Bringing it back to the emphasis on hardware not cash way racing should be.
Open pipe with a few restrictions or parameters I am working on a rules package as I post this it will be on the website as soon as I get it done keep the questions coming
Sorry I stand corrected we will be running a Spec pipe to allow a cheaper avenue for those entering the Kt100 class until we have a strong showing this will help the class grow. I apologize if you don't have the spec pipe already but those who don't have the motor don't have the pipe and don't have other costly items. This is my attempt to bring a strong showing of 2 cycles back to local levels and championship racing instead of specials here and there. We will be having a RWYB and UAS class so bring the 2 cycles out let them scream!
Well funny thing is once I posted this a few started pming me and requested I keep it open so I am in a predictament what are everyones thoughts on open pipe
Makes no difference to me. I doubt if I will be able to run the whole series. I have to buy a new pipe anyway. My KT"s are built to run with a 4 hole can.
Open pipe does allow everyone to run what they have and possibly buy at a swap meet. Now I hope everyone understands this is a near stock Kt100 class with NO reed/outlaw kt100s must be below a certian cc's this is in the works to finalize the rules.