UAS Grand Nationals Team


Most of you by now have heard, so as we keep this momentum going, I wanted to provide the contact information for everyone on the Committee. This way, if you feel more comfortable contacting one of the other members, you are able to do so.

Southeast: Jody Powell
800-521-3560 W 7:30-4:30 Eastern OR

Midwest: Dave Chism

Northwest: Gil Atkinson
704-873-4211 Personal Cell
209-404-5896 Work Cell

Southwest: Scott Bohle
714-402-3282 Personal Cell

Northeast: Mike Michael Lane
802-870-6207 Personal Cell

We want to encourage any and all drivers and UAS members to reach out to us with any of your concerns, ideas, and of course your encouragement. We want to always have an open door policy to be sure we are listening to all of you.

I have had some great conversations with Admins and drivers alike from the East Coast to the West Coast and they all have been encouraging. So I truly believe we are all on the right track.

In the near future we will be creating a Grand National Race Committee Facebook page so you all can go to one place to get the latest information and updates as we go. I will invite all that I am friends with to the page when finished, so if you know of anyone that needs to be invited, please do.

Looking forward to the 2020 race!!!!