UAS in Virginia

Have not gotten a schedule finished yet, most tracks want to finish their weekly schedule before they commit to a date for us. It will not be like last year though, the schedule will be done much sooner. Plan so far is to have 2 at capital, 2 at Amelia, 2 at Brunswick, and maybe one somewhere else like albemarle or something, but I have not spoken with them yet. What's everyone's opinion on that?

I will keep everyone updated.

I plan to make more races this year. Last was hard. I´ll go through the engine again and then it all depends on the schedules for UAS, WKA Road Racing and local sprint racing at Langley.
I may drop in for a couple if they don't compete with CUAS schedule... Providence was a nice venue, but probably a bit west for y'all...
A lttle West but I'll be at Providence too if I don't have any asphalt Nationals or something like that, Ted. You should try to come to Brunswick or Capital City. I really liked Brunswick.
While everybody from Va. will check this topic. Rumor has it they will build a dirt track at VIR this spring anybody in the know on this??
I heard that too. I actually heard that from people working at VIR kart track when I went for practice.
I will be home from working overseas this year. Plan on making as many as I can. John, so Amelia is going to be open this year? That would be great news. Hope to see you all after March when I get home. Merry Christmas to all!