Uas motor

Sudam 125 ,BRC150, Parilla 131 or Wankel 293 , Jawa 500, Honda CRF450 , Swiss Auto 250 it depends how deep are your pockets.
i'd go as big as you can beings the weights are based off cc's you really can't take advantage of the smaller cc weight breaks
At 210# you are looking at rolling across the scales at 380-390# with a typical kart engine so you might think about a stroked sudam or even a stroke sudam with a 57mm piston. You would probably need to go with a Wiseco Honda piston and I would set it up run it to see how it does and then have it Nikasil.jmo
nelson. troy has the wanklel for sale!606 748 5380.. they will run it indoors @ ag center in ky thanksgiving!
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The Swiss Auto is a very excellent little motor. Fuel injected, electric start, water cooled very low maintenance. I've got 10 hours on it and never adjusted a single screw. Start up and race.

BUT,, I weigh 225, and weighed in at 440lbs which was about 70lbs over the min. Great on the short track for me, and I'm sure it would make a nice all around motor for someone that could get closer to the weight min.

Big price tag, but without it, I wouldn't of finished any races this year.
nelson. go w/ lamb and charlie stoffa is full of info on those motors! zac is 1 short track race fresh w/ all the latest upgredes! motor alone is worth that. jmho.