UAS Sportsman Award [non-driver] John Hilton

To my friend, congrads John, a great choice... thanks for all the time, help,and support you gave Chris and Jonny from start to finish..without that we would have been up a .... one in my my opinion deserves the award more than you,you gave so much to us and many other racers.....Kahuna
Like the Lamb's said He's helped me like a lot of others Thanks John for everything you do for ALL of us,Well Deserved. Bobby Garland Jr.
Congrats to a true embassador of karting. We are honored to have a man like you around, Thank You John.
Congratulations John. It is an hoor to know such a man. John reminds me so much of my father. A guy who wants NOTHING in return and doesnt even want to be rewarded. If the country had John's
atitude and his passion on how to treat people we'd be in a better world. Honored i s all i got to say...... Great Man, Great Freind and a true master at life....

Ron Pritt and Family....