Ultra-tight?! Please help!


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Can someone please help to get my 07 Inferno turning?! Its always been really tight center off. Cross is at 63.5 with caster at factory setting (8 and 10 i think it is) 46 nose, 58 left. Raced 1 1/2 stagger front last time with 1 1/4 rear stagger. RF camber is -3.25, LF camber is +.5. Also i run clone heavy (375). Been thinking of taking cross out and adding 2 degrees of caster in the RF to get it turned down in but not sure. Even with less front stagger its still tight. Getting my butt kicked center off every week and getting tired of it! Help please!

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How big is the track?
I would try a little less camber.
Try adjusting the left rear out in small increments to try and free it up.


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I would take some left rear weight out of the thing. If your entry is good leave the cross. If you're really loose on entry maybe go up on cross.


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Come up on your nose to around 46.8. DO NOT change your castor to "fix" a problem. If you come up on your nose you should be able to go down on your rear stagger. An ideal general set up for an inferno in that class:
Cross 64-66
Left 58-60
Nose 46.5-47
1 3/8 front 1 rear
Stock castor
+.5 Lf -3.25 rf


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Like mentioned above, the track size and type of surface would help. From what I've read though I would go up .5 on the nose weight and less right front camber. Maybe to -2.75 to get the front to bite more.


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But again, track size, tires, setup #'s and all that good stuff needs to be known to dial in your setup, if youre experiencing a "four wheel slide" (feels like its tight everywhere) you may have too much Left %.... more detail on what its doing and where its doing it would be valuable info. Tires can also make all the difference in world as there is a difference between a lack of grip and a 'tight' condition :) or too much LR grip lol


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What tires are you on and what do they duro ?
We can throw all kinds of percentages at it but if your on the wrong tires it won't help.



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Sorry guys havent been able to get on here in a day, but the track i usually run is Woodleaf which is about a 1/4 mile or right there at it. Has very little bank but it is a pretty fast track. We have to run Maxxis tires there (Pinks on the right, blues on the left) I usually take 3 or more sets ranging in duro from 45,50,55 depending on how the track is that night and the tempurature. The track in the summer usually ends up dry slick, and they dont use calcium on it. Usually end up running about a 50 tire, and 45 when its cold. Last week when I ran the feature it started out ok, but as it went on i found myself turning the wheel more and more to the left and having to touch the brake in the center to get it to turn while still in the gas. Typically if your kart is right here you should be able to run wide open. My thoughts are to roll 2* more caster in the RF to get it turn down in the corner and take some cross out to get it the rest of the way through the corner. Your thoughts are much appreciated! Looking foward to what yall think!


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Had the same problem at the leaf for a long time. Leave the cross do not get below 62. LR 5 points harder and maybe on a 8 1/2 wheel. I ran better with 56 left. U maybe getting a 4 wheel drift. No side bite

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Raced 1 1/2 stagger front last time with 1 1/4 rear stagger. RF camber is -3.25, LF camber is +.5.
Don’t know if this will be any help, but my spreadsheet says that with a ¼ mile track, with a turn radius of 119’, the rear stagger would be closer to .750”. Assuming a 34” RR tire. It would be less with any banking. Just a starting point, but maybe worth trying.


He is fighting a tight condition so the very thing he should not do is removing rear stagger.....ding ding let a new spreadsheet war begin.


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If its starting out ok and goes away like that, and the track tends to go dry slick, sounds like you dont have enough grip to keep up with the changing track Cond. I have run at similar track, dropped Lefts to 3psi and rights to 4 ;) but hey, many things


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Sounds Like As The Tire Builds Heat The Tire Starts To Come In CauSing To Much Grip. I Would Try A Harder Tire. At Least On On Lr. jmo