Ultramax Eccentrik???? Any good?

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Hey guys, looking at a very slightly used Eccentrik. What do you all think of them. Will be used on a lower bite track in the adult clone class on dirt.
We had a2011 ran it on pinks .on medium bite track . If tires was off it had a push and tight . It like the right with lot bite in tires .not softer tire . We kept left rear 3to5 points harder than the rest. Kart was a rocket from center off of the corner.
sat 6th fast in clone lite on a 2010,they are a rocket,they arent as tire sensitive as some say,just get em close and hang on,the secret is in the cross
I have 3 2010's. have ran from 52 cross all the way to 70, laid back to sitting up, jr3 to superheavy, box stock to rwyb, karts are bad fast, mine are very predicable, a tad finiky/ sensitive , you do need a good tire program, +1 on the bite comment. Some people don't like them, I bought one and fell in love, and still learning more and more each time out. I have been off on tires on a low grip track, and still ran up front.....
We sold ours .i miss it .setting cross is easy with front setup they use. .finiky was the word I was looking for .there sensitive to stagger changes .all so kart will look. Flat and lazy in corner .if your tires don't have engough bite in them.when get tires wright kart is a rocket. We always ran umax setup numbers .just worked on tires . When kart fast ,it looks like it jump up off the corner .
jr curtis will tell ya how quick braden was on his 2010 at batesville,he will also tell you he seen a setup on it that no one would believe and it made that sucker fly off the turns
I have ran my 2010 2 times. Handled really nice and comfortable. I have a pretty basic tire prep program not very aggressive at all and still had a very fast kart. Kart responded well to the changes I am used to making coming from my 03 octane and seemed to like pretty similar numbers other than slightly different cross.
The only problem I ever had with my 2010 was bending caster plates if you hit someone right.
Other than that, everything else I can think of has already been said.
More we talk about excentrik . I think I going have buy my son another one race next year. Lol. 2011 I think had the thicker caster plates .2012 and13 is the new chassis desin. If I remember wright.
Very fast kart. Our 2010 won 2 track championships 2 years in a row. Setup isn't hard to get it's the tires that makes it go.
had a 2010 and picked up alot of wins on it, if you get the right setup and tires are good, it is a rocket coming off the corners.
When ya get em right fastest chassis I've ever worked with, If you can get a good buy don't hesitate just have to look out of the box on set-up, high left high cross does not work with these chassis, and yes ya need bite in your tires. Get the lower left it likes then you can run lower cross or High cross no middle ground, then get crazy with staggers and hold on.

Good Luck !!
My son just completed his 1st full season (JR1) at Woodleaf Speedway on a 2010 Excentrik ... won 6 races including the biggest race of the year !! He loves his kart / chassis and I found it responded very well to any changes we would make . If you have any questions , Kevin Bishop at Umax/ Dill fabrication in S.C. is the man to ask !!
I have a 2011 and its bad fast in the corners. The front end is super easy to work on. I dont think its very comfy but every driver is different.