Ultramax Rival vs PRC Triton/Minecon


I’m getting my 13 year old into karting and looking at a couple chassis’s.

Locally I’ve found two new Ultramax Rivals. One small tube and one large tube.

I’ve been looking for a PRC Trition or Minecon because they (I’m told) are not as sensitive to tire setup as much as others.

how does the Rival compare? Would the Rival be a good Kart for a beginner driver and beginner dad to the sport?
Is the Ultramax easy on tire setups? Meaning is it forgiving if the tire setup Is not perfect?
We've been on a Triton JR, Recon, Exodus, Prodigy Cadet, and a Rival so far this season. Each have there own characteristics and are all good karts. I don't see a "wrong" choice in the group you listed. I'm with RP and would make my 1st choice the small tube Rival. Good karts and plenty of support with that chassis.