Ultramax threaded bumper bolt inserts


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Has anyone had experience with removing the tack welded bumper inserts on the rear bumper? I have one that actually stripped out the Allen head bumper bolt head because it is so corroded inside. I’ve tried about everything to remove it.


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You cut the tack welds ? Completely ?
How much of the insert protrudes would be the next thing .
If there is enough a pipe wrench to twist it or a good quality vice grips .
Once it turns you should be able to lubricate it and turn it , then work it out via wiggle turn and tap .
Failing that a self tapping bolt or weld a bolt too it .
Another alternative would be heli coil , time sert , oversize bolt with new thread tapped, or even metric size . Lastly weld a same size stud in the insert .
I didn't remove the inserts, but one of my U-max es had been abused by it's former owner and the allens required some heat and penetrating oil to remove. I had to purchase the proper size tap and chased the threads in the insert before installing new bumper bolts. I don't know what Dill Fab uses to make those inserts but it's darn tough stuff to even chase the threads.


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Cut the head off . Then you can heat and get a penatrent oil on the thread area .
Diesel fuel is an excellent penatrent .
It's likely too twist off . Drilling a relief along the thread would help before you twist it off .
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