Ultrasonic cleaners


I had the one from Harbor Freight ($89) for 4 years, the heater just stopped working last month and I bought a bigger stainless unit off Amazon ($120) it works for longer time periods and gets hotter. I used to use wd-40, then I messed around with Simple Green and I like it better and its way cheaper 2.5 gallons for less than a gallon of WD.


I use old engine oil in a crock pot on low for chains.... little number 35 chains fit nicely in those little crock pots... I bought two at Aldi for like 10 bucks each...
Spray the chain with brake clean first...

I still have one... my wife found my backup new in the box...
"I didn't know we had this,, how nice... im gonna take it to work"
I shoulda said..
Ive got one in the garage, let me wipe it out for you girls. Lol


Also if you add parifin in the oil, it makes a chain wax
Good idea. She used to make wickless candles.. I should commandier a little of it...
The hot oil gets so deep in the links and bearings.. and that kart oil is slippery stuff that we generate plenty of