Understanding Chassis Theory and Dynamics Manual


OK, so I never envisioned that the chassis manual that I created back in 2000 would ever last this long. At that time nothing ever existed! All I ever wanted was to teach everyone about how to be competitive in karting. Sure I made enemies by letting out secrets. My goal was to keep the average Joe in karting by beating the "Pros" not all the time but just here and there. That is how karting survives. It has to do with pride.

I took chassis from many different manufactures and won with them, even in places they were not supposed to. I wrote for WKA Karting Magazine, and even did a tire test for World Karting News with all the major tire manufactures.

There is no way this would have ever been possible without 4cycle.com! Thank you Bob! I remember Bob did a site update and lost a bunch of info. So, I kept a great deal of posts and offered them to Bob as the The Msquared files" good or bad. No need in hiding anything. I love debate. It is how we all learn.

My best distributor has been JC Specialty! THANK YOU! So please support them!

I want to thank everyone who has purchased my chassis manual. Sure it supported my racing R&D but it also supported many charitable organizations.

My intention was to only make the average Joe competitive, and that has worked BIG TIME!

Chris Seay has always called my manual the "Bible of Karting". Thank you Chris!!!

So, thanks to everyone, especially 4cycle.com!!!

Mike McCarty
Understanding Chassis Theory and Dynamics