Unilli tires


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Came across these tires on net haven't found much info about them on there page was wondering if anyone knew if they have tires for dirt racing and if so what did u think of them. What other tire brand would u compare them too ...
Someone had to tried these tires before just looking for thought of what people think of tires what tire u would compare them too
They do seem to be alot like maxxis and vega tires, they look identical to a maxxis as far as the rubber and construction of the tire. I have 3 sets of them and have ran them quite a bit, am just starting to get the hang of what to do with them and how to prep them. The only problem i had with them was getting them to keep their size, the rights kept wanting to go back to 33 1/2 and left rear wanted to grow to 33 everytime i ran them. I finally figured out what to do with them to keep them sized the way i needed them and they have been fast tires. They generally come with a duro anywhere from 65 to 85 strait out of the wrapper from what i have seen and experienced, which is great in my opinion because you can prep them down to the duro you want them at if you need softer tires, or run them strait out of the box if you need hard tires. They do not like very much prep in them, is definately one thing to keep in mind! When i first got them, i had heard that you would use twice as much prep in them that you would use in a burris tire, so i prepped the first set that way and almost ruined them, now they are only good for a sloppy wet track pretty much. I believe i have them figured out pretty well now, if you need any advice or help with them, send me a pm and ill gladly point you in the right direction. I would reccomend these tires to anyone, especially people who are racing on a budget and cant afford to buy new burris or maxxis tires at $250+ per set. They dont have to be cut but can be if you choose to. They are thin enough when new in my opinion, but they seem to last alot longer than maxxis tires do, and they get faster the more you run them unlike maxxis tires. So i would say they have the same composition and look of a maxxis and vega, but the durability and speed of them is more like a burris. I wouldnt see why anyone couldnt get at least a year out of a set of these tires if you arent racing 4 or 5 classes a day every weekend, thats why i said they are perfect for budget racers, you can get a new set for $100, so you can basically get 2 1/2 sets of unilli for the same price as one set of other brands.