unknow kart. need help indenfying.

my neighbor has a chassis similar to the restored picture even has the 3rd bearing support in the middle, I think his chassis was sold by comet kart sales and called a mach 1?
Thank you. That will help. Both of these came with raptor engines running alcohol. The refinished one is running the unfinshed one is getting a 100 to 125cc lifan motor with 4 speed. See what fun we can have.
X 2 mach I. I had one in the 80's. Yours is newer. CKS could tell you for sure if you email them.
X 2 Mach 1 sorry I mean times 2 as in I agree with animal it is a Mach 1. I think it is a sprint kart from the late 80's to mid 90's. Email pics to Comet and they could help if you need more info.
Excellent. This was a big help to finding what these carts are. Thank for the help. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays