Up in Smoke-Mayfields house gonna be burned

this is just what he needs for some publicity ! some HollyWood dreamer will start thinking about poor Jeremy and step in , prolly cruz into celebrity re-hab and have his own reality show on M-TV by the end of next summer .....................putz..................:rolleyes:
The house / land sold and new owner wants "house" gone - the controlled burn good opp for fd training. The house was condemned a couple yrs ago was never finished, no windows no siding roof was left unfinished- the wood inside and out is rotting and interior is "infested" with black mold, there is no fixing it.
4 mill up in smoke and what in the world where did all the other monies go? In the pipe? Sure hope his and the wifes life has changed for the better.Sometimes less is better.
You dont pay a local fire dept to burn and train . You pay for bulldozers and demoltion . A contracter friend of mine does this often.
Speaking about dumb butt reporters, sure seems to me that there must be a school somewhere that they go to learn how to ask the most insane D.A. questions, I see it on the nightly news programs, questions with answers that are so self evident that a 1st. grader could do better.

Did anyone go watch the fire?

The community, should have sold tickets to it, proceeds going to the fire department.
Inclement weather has forced officials to cancel the burning of Jeremy Mayfields former mansion, Eyewitness News learned Friday. The $2 million dollar mansion once owned by Mayfield, a former NASCAR driver, was scheduled to be burned to the ground this Saturday by the Catawba Fire Department as a training exercise. Mayfield called Channel 9 Wednesday night and said he doesn't plan to watch the $2 million home burn to the ground. Mayfield tagged WSOC-TV in a tweet Thursday saying, "Hate 2 see our previous residence burned down however, I've always loved a good bonfire. Out of the ashes a Phoenix will rise @WSOC_TV." Channel 9 will provide updates when the burning is rescheduled.(WSOC TV)(12-14-2013)